Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kate + Billy = I DO!

We have another sweet, sweet wedding to share! 

Billy and Kate tied the knot here in Statesboro at First Baptist Church. It was such a fun day and since it was an afternoon wedding the fun started early - at least for the girls! They arrived at the salon around 7 and thus began a beautiful day for the soon-to-be Shivers.

Kate was calm the entire day and enjoyed seeing friends and family throughout this amazing event. She was such a beautiful bride and left everyone in awe. Billy had an entourage of buddies that helped keep his nerves calm while constantly teasing him, and as you will see in the pictures - not only hugged him at the alter, but gave him a special gift. Boys will be boys!

Woven throughout the day were meaningful details and moments that made the wedding as unique as the precious couple. The focus was first placed on Christ, followed closely by commitment to each other and to family. This was shown in each detail...from old wedding photos to sweet keepsakes and mementos from these covenant-keeping families.

Such a fun wedding! We enjoyed our time with Billy and Kate, their family and friends, not to mention their adorable and entertaining ring bearer and flower girls! Such a wonderful day filled with  wonderful people. 

Enjoy some of our favorite memories from the day...we'll let these images speak for themselves!

(Except we do want to give a shout out to Kate's brother, Johnny, for helping them leave in one of the coolest getaway vehicles we have seen yet. Go Eagles!)

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  1. wow .. a beautiful amazing wedding ... you have captured it well :-)