Monday, June 10, 2013

Whitney and Yancey are BETTER TOGETHER!!

This April brought one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever seen.  Whitney and her Mom, Lisa, enlisted the help of Ashley Rhodes to plan a wedding that represented an eleven year love affair.  No easy task, but one that was met with all the details that girls dream of on their wedding days.

Jenna and I were so glad to be invited into this magical day.  We cannot wait to share some of the highlights of their day.  Proceed with caution, this just might take your breath away, and even bring a tear or two to your eyes.

The invitations had been mailed and set the theme for an outdoor wedding.  Now we only had to wait for the big day to arrive.

We met up with our bride at Savannah Avenue Salon and found a group of colorfully decked-out girls having the time of their lives.   Whitney wanted to look her best, and each of the girls were willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.  Looking good ladies!!

It was such a fun and calm atmosphere in the salon, and Brandi and Crystal did an amazing job making sure all these beautiful girls were wedding-ready!

Once Whitney and Lisa (the amazing Mother of the Bride) had finished hair and make-up, we whisked them off to the Garden of the Coastal Plain (Botanical Gardens) to get dressed.  Whitney and Yancey had decided to see one another before the wedding and the tranquil setting of the Botanical Gardens was absolutely perfect.

Before the dress came out of the bag, Whitney had a little gift for her sweet mama.

Thanks Whitney for getting the tears started early for all of us. :-)

This Mother and Daughter have a special relationship, and some of our favorite parts of the day were the interactions between these two.  They were an amazing wedding-planning team and as the day unfolded, so did emotions that took us all by surprise every single time we teared up.

Matron of Honor Jessie was on duty and we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed as the gorgeous J'Adore dress came on, and Whitney was truly transformed into a beautiful bride.

Meanwhile, Whitney's handsome groom was getting ready and then waiting to see his bride for the first time!  

 Yancey could not have possibly been prepared for how gorgeous the soon-to-be Mrs. Mooney would be....and we couldn't wait for him to take his first look!

This couple is truly stunning inside and out.....and the fun had just begun!

For quite some time I had heard what a wonderful job Emily Wildes does with flowers, and she did not disappoint  The gardens were a perfect pallet for her artistry to flow, and everything was beautiful! 

Whitney is lucky to have many adoring men in her life. The looks on John and Mike's faces when they saw Whitney for the first time were priceless!

Their obvious love for each other brought everyone to tears (we told you that happened often that day!). 

Both Whitney and Yancey come from amazing families. It was such a joy to share this day with all of them. 

These mamas love their babies.... both were beaming the entire day as they watched this
lasting courtship unfold once again on their wedding day.

I honestly think Whitney was waiting for us to give her permission to kiss Yancey and then didn't hear us say, "ok we got it" for another 5 minutes.   So so sweet!

RJ Pope supplied some of the sharpest tuxedos we have seen.  Looking good boys!!!

Yancey and his groomsmen went together to see some of the Braves spring training and brought back some souvenirs to prove it.  

We have no words!!  ha ha

Pittman Park United Methodist church was where they said their vows and yes, many more emotions were there to take everyone through the ceremony.

We all knew Whitney was ready to tie the knot, but maybe we didn't realize just how anxious she was until she practically interrupted the Pastor, Dorsia  Atkinson, mid-sentence to say "I WILL."  Whitney that was priceless and yes, Yancey was excited too!

Who says Grandaddies aren't hip? Whitney's has his own iphone and knows how to use it.  

Welcome to the reception, where everything is "Better Together"!

And here is our sign maker now...Beth you are amazing!

Bevrick's catered the food and it was beyond delicious. To complete the menu, they had homemade biscuits and many assorted jellies and jams from the one and only Braswell Food Company

Let the dancing begin!

Yancey was so proud of himself for dipping his bride and so were we!

Whitney and Yancey's delicious cakes were provided by Memory Lane Catering and Cakes, and represented them so well!

Amazing Event Rentals set up an open air tent, filling the sky with lights that dazzled us all. It was truly breathtaking!

There were SO many special touches at the reception. From the elegant center pieces.... the Paul's Angels party favors. Every little detail was so thought-out and meaningful.  

At the perfect time, out came peanut butter and jelly sandwiches followed by a shot of milk, something Whitney and John liked to do every night when she was growing up.  A tradition they still continue.

The Chris Mitchell Band was amazing and everyone was on the floor!! 

Right before the ceremony began, we planned enough time to allow Whitney to walk around
the gardens before we drove over to the church.  She walked up and down looking at all the special touches they had planned and now she was able to see them come to fruition.  She walked ahead of us and we found her in the kitchen of the cottage with eyes full of tears.  I was worried for a minute and asked why she was crying.  She said "Because I am so happy, everything is perfect!"  Whitney, we all agree!

If the future projection of a marriage has anything to do with the wedding day,
we are sure that yours is off to the best possible start.  The love that was shown by you and Yancey that day was on your faces from beginning to the end of the night!  Enjoy your life together,  Jenna and I love you both!!

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  1. I keep looking at this over and over again and reliving this most wonderful day! Thank you for capturing all the feelings and emotions so perfectly. Even though the actual day seemed like a blur - I have your beautiful pictures to forever remind me of all the fun, love, happiness and joy that we experienced from beginning to end! We were blessed to have you and Jenna there with us 110% of the way!!! You outdid yourself!! LOVE YOU!!!
    Lisa (The MOB :)