Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whitney + Yancey = Time to tie the knot!

Spring has sprung, and another special wedding day is drawing near! In just one week, Whitney and Yancey will write the next big chapter of their sweet love story...a romance that started (at least for Whitney) in the 4th grade. According to this beautiful bride-to-be, nine year-old Yancey didn't quite pick up on the crush at the time!

But thankfully he came to his senses when they were both ninth graders, and they soon became high school sweethearts. It was then that they started their nearly 11-year courtship, and as Yancy so sweetly puts it - he got a girl "way out of his league."

Well, we just think the world of these two and think they are a perfect match. They both come from such great families, and their love for one another is so evident. We cannot wait to share their special day next Saturday!

Recently we had the opportunity to spend some time with Whitney and Yancey out at the Mooney Millhouse. We had so much fun with this sweet couple, and I think we really captured their amazing love for one another in this beautiful setting!

The weather definitely cooperated with us that day, and the sun came out just in time to give us beautiful light for so many sweet pictures like this one!

See y'all next weekend!


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  2. I told you I'm not supposed to cry until NEXT weekend! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (and love you too!!!)