Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who's Lucky??

I have been very blessed to get to know some truly amazing young women. Carolyn is one of those. She is one of those people that just seems to always have a beautiful smile on her face and that is especially bright when her friend Lucky is by her side. We love to get some time with Carolyn and when she brings Lucky to visit I am always amazed at what great manners he shows. She has done a wonderful job training Lucky and I hope you enjoy getting to see his many personalities.

I started to make a "meow" sound to get his attention and boy the expressions he gave me were priceless.

By now Lucky just seemed to look at his "Mama" as if to say, "is she really still trying to fool me with that pitiful cat impression?" Ha ha,,, he's a keeper I tell ya.

We love your visits out to the country Carolyn and you can bring Lucky with you anytime. Thanks for allowing us to get to know you and your sweet friend Lucky.
We are very thankful we do!!


  1. I love Lucky (and Carolyn)!!!!!! :-) Great post!

  2. Mrs. Marsh your so sweet! and thank you again. Jenna, Lucky said he loves you too, and so do I :), and you too Mrs. Marsh. :)
    P.S. I don't have a blog so I don't know what profile I am suppose to use so.... That is why I pick anonymous because I don't have to have anything for it.