Friday, April 15, 2011

Darling Dana

Life has a way of sneaking up on us and allowing us to experience God with a whole new perspective. Sometimes it happens in sunsets, sometimes through words of others, and sometimes through special people like Dana.

I began to hear about Dana a few years ago when her mother and I worked in the same office. It was at that time I began to see God's hand wrapped tightly around this amazing young woman. Instead of me trying to explain all that is going on in Dana's life, please go read her blog.

This past week we had the opportunity to go take some pictures of Dana and capture one of the cutest personalities I have ever seen.

Before I ever arrived, I knew this first picture was going to be my favorite. Dana's connection to God is both encouraging and inspiring to be around. We love sunsets and she happens to live on a beautiful lake - so we combined the two with a peak into her prayer time....and voila!

I don't know what I like best in this picture....her eyes or her amazing hair.

At first she felt the awkwardness of having her picture made, but it didn't take long before she turned her personality on and with that came this beautiful smile.

She dozed off for just a minute but I didn't mind - it gave me a chance to snap a pic of her beautiful eyelashes. (Just kidding!)

Her mom managed to run home from work and throw on the oldest pair of sweat pants she owned. I realized she did that in order to stay out of the pictures. However, she could not escape the camera totally, as I got this sweet shot of how they spend most of their time together when Dana is in hospital. (P.S. Notice the beautiful engagement ring from Ben the Brothed.) :-) cute is this girl?

I don't know if love the picture more because of how beautiful Dana is or the fact that Jenna is carefully positioned behind the chair to keep Dana from tumbling into the lake. Not cool to go to surgery with a banged up head from falling in the water. (Thanks Jenna!)

Dana is an avid reader and it probably doesn't hurt to have such a beautiful swing and view to do so.

Oh la la! I LOVE this picture!!!

Thank you so much for allowing us to come and play. We love you and will be lifting you before the thrown. Hurry back to the Boro. We'll be on the dock waiting for you. :-)

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