Monday, February 8, 2010

Special Moments

The moments that have a "Kalyn feel" to them do not come around as often as they once did. I long for them at times and they can include the sound of wind chimes or the special rhythm in which a baby breathes or a deer that appears out of no where to only stand and look back at me as if they too know the memory they have triggered. Another memory that I am fortunate enough to see very often is a colorful sunset. We live out in the country where the sunsets are amazing and each time I see one, I just smile to myself that perhaps tonight Kalyn might be in charge of the colors. This past week, we took our daughter Marlee for a college visit. Needless to say the potential for emotions to run away, were very present. We had a great time and were able to enjoy our time in Athens on such a beautiful campus. I didn't even take my camera out, until the last few moments there. Once I did, the details of the city jumped out at me. As we were walking towards our car to leave, I noticed an interesting face on the side of the building that pulled at my heart. I guess we just never know why our thoughts run as they do, or when they will take over the circumstances of the moment, but for whatever reason this became a Marlee/Kalyn moment. It felt as if this little face looking down at me, was a reminder that if in fact Marlee did go here to college, Kalyn just might approve and would be watching over her. That may not make sense to anyone else, but it rang true to me. I know in my heart God has such an amazing way of reaching us, of helping us, of whispering in our ear that He loves us so much that even when we forget He is there, He still is. Be Still and Know....

Can you see it to?

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