Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Becca + Cam = Love is in the air!

Becca is one of those kinds of people that almost as soon as you meet her, you are very happy you did. Anyone that has known me for very long has most likely seen Becca at my side at one time or another. She was in many ways the appointed leader of one of my favorite groups of college girls I have had the pleasure of connecting with. So being the leader that she is, she was the first to take the plunge into marriage!

Now, mind you, almost the entire group has followed suit, but Becca forged the path for them all. 

During Becca's senior year of college, we were all very invested in her future. So after a few conversations with her handsome cousin Mitchell, he suggested his friend/leader Cameron. 

None of us realized how quickly the two would hit it off, declare their love, and announce their impending marriage. (Throwing my 2-year courtship rule out the window!)

Thank goodness it only took moments to realize Cam's love for God would compliment Becca's. They both shared a deep love for the Lord and determination to serve him independently and as a couple. 

Thus began a once-upon-a-time story that was sure to end with a happily ever after. 

Becca's sweet and talented mother managed to pull off Mother-of-the-Bride AND florist all in one day!

It was amazing to watch how quickly the girls could pull off Becca's "signature face".

Parents were beaming from beginning to end and why wouldn't they be with such amazing children!

And here's our handsome Mitchell, who had no idea how quickly he'd be standing on the altar with these two after passing his cousin's phone number along to Cam.

I have lived in Statesboro my entire life and have never recalled such tumultuous rain! If rain really is a sign of good luck, then nothing can stop them now! We managed to sneak outside under umbrellas to grab a quick photo of First Methodist.

Beauty and the excited groom!

Yummy cupcakes from Sweet Cheeks Bakery!

Possibly the busiest dance floor I've ever seen at a wedding!

If Becca looks scared out of her mind, she wasn't alone. Because of the rain, it was the most narrow exit ever!

Can't wait to see how God uses the two of you for His kingdom. We are all very proud! Love you both!

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