Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kayla + Craig = Cuteness

Occasionally I have the rare pleasure of meeting someone that is beautiful, has amazing character, and loves the Lord with all of their heart. On an even rarer occasion, I have been fortunate enough to watch such a young woman blossom before my very eyes. 

Kayla is that young woman!

She has a most unique sense of humor and personality - things she used to only share with those closest to her. It seemed the only thing missing was someone that completed her enough to give her the courage and confidence to literally let her light shine!

It seemed almost from the beginning, Craig was indeed that missing ingredient.

As we all watched from a distance their love affair unfolded in epic proportion. Their distances from one another forced them to come up with unique ways to deepen their courtship. And if you ever find a man who sends you a box filled with items ranging from candy to the latest Justin Beiber movie - I'm thinking you should hang onto him. And so she has!

I'm excited to introduce you to the future Mr. & Mrs. Craig Spivey!

We prayed for the girls in our Bible study and their future mates. And now, Craig, it's nice to put a face with that prayer!

Seriously - how cute are these two?

In spite of the unexpected freezing cold weather and the fact that we had just finished Becca and Cam's wedding the day before, it was impossible to wipe the smiles off of these two faces. 


Kayla and Craig, we are all very excited to watch your romance continue and see how God uses your talents for His good.  

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