Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UNBELIEVABLE Stunts on Lake Sinclair

I just had to put up some of these photos of Blake. Can we just saw WOW!?! His "new" family just happen to be our old friends and we all had a great time at the lake. It was so much fun to watch them all in action and I managed to grab a few photos of his mad skills on the wakeboard. I also got a couple of his beautiful wife Christy. Hope you enjoy them!!!!

Here they are together on the tube.

SERIOUSLY how does this happen??

Blake grew up on the water and he makes it all look so easy.

Christy has her own set of skills and a cute little figure to go along with them.

Cool thing is he was landing all of these as well.

This has to be my favorite. Looking good there Blake!!

What a fun weekend. Thanks for letting me grab some of these moments to remember later. Twas exciting to watch and even more fun to capture these with my camera. P.S.,,, when we going back??????

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